Diva Laundry Balls





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Diva Laundry Balls are a powerful, soap free alternative to conventional laundry detergent. Gentle enough for those who suffer with allergies or eczema.

Our Eco-friendly Diva Laundry Balls even work best in cold water. Each set includes:

  1. - 3 Diva Laundry Balls
  1. - The Diva Stain Stick (30 g)
  1. - 3 Refill Pellet Packs.


Each set lasts an average of 360 washes and are refillable. That's only 10 cents per load and then only 5 cents per load when refilled with additional Refill Pellets (pack of 3 for $12.99)!

*Environmentally Friendly *Economical *Anti-bacterial *Hypo-allergenic *No chemical residue *PVC Free (inner plastic and non toxic PVC without PHTHALATE on outer plastic)

No rinsing, no allergic reactions, no mess, and saves you money compared to regular detergents!

How it Works:

Our Diva Laundry Balls combine with the water and the air in the water to produce OH- molecules, which raise the pH of the water, making it more effective at removing the stains. This is called 'softening the water'. The pellets in the balls release negative ions into the water which are attracted to the stain, and as they attach to the stain they weaken the bond between fabric and stain.

These two principal functions combine to allow the agitation of the machine to remove the 'dirt'. The high pH of the water also creates a natural anti-bacterial effect, meaning that you do not need to add other chemicals to ensure that your clothes are germ-free. The last advantage of this process is the elimination of the need to rinse out chemicals from the clothes at the end of the cycle.


High alkyl sulfate, non-ionic surfactant, sodium meta-silicate, calcium carbonate, sodium carbonate, and natural lemon essence (unscented also available)

How to Use:

  • SMALL LOAD: 1 Diva Laundry Ball for up to 3 kg of your dirty laundry
  • MEDIUM LOAD: 2 Diva Laundry Balls for 3-7 kg of your dirty laundry
  • LARGE LOAD: 3 Diva Laundry Balls for greater than 7kg of your dirty laundry 

  • Step 1: Select the desired machine setting and water temperature- remember that Diva Laundry Balls work best even at low temperatures and no need for a rinse cycle, so you can save the environment as well as your pocketbook!
  • Step 2: Put your clothes in the wash. Turn your machine on. Feel good.


For those really stubborn stains rub them with your Diva Stain Stick prior to washing, or check out our natural stain remover remedies and tips at www.laundrydivas.wordpress.com For a natural deodorizer, add an 1/8 of a cup of plain old-fashioned vinegar to your wash For further whiteness, add the recommended amount of Ecover Laundry Bleach to your wash.

Service Life:

When not in use, store your Diva Laundry Balls in a cool, dry place ready for your next wash.