Diva Dryer Balls





$9.95 (set of 2)

(plus shipping)

Feel good about machine drying your clothes!  Diva Dryer Balls reduce drying time by seperating your clothes within your dryer, reducing the energy needed. No harmful chemicals, safer for the environment and your dryer, PVC free, and economical. 

Diva Dryer Balls replace traditional dryer sheets or detergent softener.  There is no need to take your Diva Dryer Balls out of the dryer - they even like it in there!


How it Works:

Diva Dryer Balls replaces traditional dryer sheets and decrease the amount of static in your clothes, so less time is spent peeling socks apart! As there is less static and more movement, your clothes will also have less creases, so less ironing, and less energy spent – nice huh?! The movement of the dryer balls acts as a natural fabric softener – no chemicals and no guilt!

How to Use:

Take the Dryer balls out of the box. Place both balls in your machine.

  1. Put your clean wet clothes in your machine.
  2. Close the door and turn your machine on.
  3. Feel good.


PVC Free Plastic


There is no need to take your Dryer Balls out of your machine – they even like it in there! Each ball is estimated to last for 5 years (as long as not used as a toy or chewed by your pets!)