Diva's Eco Laundry Products

Diva Laundry Balls





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DIVA LAUNDRY BALLS are a powerful, soap-free alternative to conventional laundry detergent. Gentle enough for those who suffer with allergies or eczema, and our Eco-friendly Laundry Balls will work at any temperature. Each set includes 3 pre-filled Diva Laundry Balls, the Diva Stain Stick, and 3 Refill Pellet Packs. They last an average of 360 washes and are refillable. That's only 10 cents per load!

Ecover Bleach






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The tough cleaning power of Ecover Bleach is available through Laundry Divas. Ecover Bleach is a natural non-chlorine bleach that keeps whites bright, and works hard against stains on colourfast laundry. Can be used in top and front-loading washing machines. Consists of 100% percarbonate, which is composed of salt, limestone, and oxygenated water.

Ball Refill Pellet Pack





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Laundry Diva Balls and Trekker Ball refill pellets. Refill your balls without replacing them! Set of 3.

Trekker Ball






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The ultimate travel laundry product! Our Trekker Ball is designed for clean clothes on the go! Our same great Eco-friendly washing power in a travel size, packaged in its own FREE natural cotton laundry bag. It also includes 1 Trekker Ball, 1 Ball Refill Pellet Pack, 1 Laundry Diva Stain Stick (30g). Excellent for hand or machine washing.

The Diva Stain Stick

Diva Stain Stick




30g $3.99


180g $8.99


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The Diva Stain Stick is a natural enzyme stain remover stick with a natural lemon fragrance. It helps eliminate some of your toughest food and drink stains and can even be used to remove some otherwise set stains.The Diva Stain Stick is small enough to fit into briefcases, handy for your purse, desk drawers, car glove compartments, etc.

Diva Dryer Balls





$9.95 (set of 2)

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Diva Dryer Balls replace traditional dryer sheets, acting as a natural fabric softener. They reduce drying time by seperating your clothes within your machine. This helps to eliminate static cling and creases. PVC Free. Set of 2.