Our Story

This is our story of family, friendship and becoming mompreneurs.

The first and easiest part was being family. Born three months apart to sisters in a close family, we were together from day one. Even though one was from Vancouver and one from Squamish, our parents very nearly wore out the highway between us every weekend. Everyone knows that being family does not always mean being friends, but our nights spent staying up late whispering about our dreams brought us to today .

As we grew up and moved out into the world, we always found a way to stay in touch and keep the close ties. Shannon moved around different countries pursuing her dreams, and Holly was never far behind—from travelling the world, to raising a family.

Though our paths diverged in our career choices, we always traded ideas for a business we could believe in and improve the world with. Who knew that we would end up both living in England having children at the same time! It was there that Kismet happened. The world of parenthood, the increasing information from the Green movement, our friendship, and business dreams all collided when we found a laundry product that we had never seen before. And loved! Our journey had begun ...