Frequently Asked Questions

How do Diva Laundry Balls get my clothes clean?

It's hard to believe (we know!), but the principal cleaner in a washing machine is water. Conventional laundry detergents are mainly made from petrochemicals that help the water to clean. The Diva Laundry Ball combines with water, and the air in the water, to produce OH- molecules, which raise the pH of the water, making it more effective at removing the stains, without the use of harmful chemicals. This is called 'softening the water' in layman's terms. As well, the pellets in the balls release negative ions into the water which are attracted to the stain, and as they attach to the stain they weaken the bond between fabric and stain. These two principal functions combine to allow the agitation of the machine to remove the 'dirt'. These high pH of the water also creates a natural anti-bacterial effect, meaning that you do not need to add other chemicals to ensure that your clothes are germ-free. The last advantage of this process is the elimination of the need to rinse out chemicals from the clothes at the end of the cycle. There are only OH- molecules to get rid of, and that happens when the water drains out. No rinsing, no chemical residue, no allergic reactions!

Are they safe to use with Cloth Diapers?

Yes! Our balls leave no chemical residue behind, which is safer and less irritating for your baby's bottom. For natural whitening, be sure to hang your diapers in the sun as often as possible, this will help to antibacterialize them and keep them white.

How do you keep your whites clean?

Sunshine is nature's best bleach! If you can't take advantage of her, we offer Ecover Natural Bleach, made from salt and limestone. For more useful natural tips follow our blog at

Do Diva Dryer Balls really reduce static?

Yes. Remember to use at least two of them together on a low to medium heat setting. Also note that it is also very important not to overdry! Tip: Vinegar in the water helps to reduce static and eliminates the need for fabric softener. Diva Dryer Balls also help to reduce your energy consumption because they use only a low to medium heat in your dryer!